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Family courts oversee legal matters that involve your marriage or children, and the most common family law case is divorce. If you are facing a divorce, you might be going through a difficult time emotionally. The last thing you need is to try to navigate the complex legal process that is necessary to end a marriage in Virginia. Further, trying to seek a divorce without the proper legal guidance puts your interests and future at risk.

Your first call in the Loudoun, VA, area should be to the divorce lawyers at Curran Moher Weis. We have helped many clients achieve favorable divorce outcomes, no matter how complex the case might be. Our legal team is composed of dedicated legal professionals who know how to protect your rights under Virginia law.

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Divorce is a Complex Process

Virginia law has a strict process you must follow for a family judge to grant a divorce judgment. You must meet residency requirements, which mandate that one or both spouses have been residents of the state for at least six months to get a divorce in our courts.

One spouse must file a divorce petition with the appropriate family court. This petition will cite grounds for the marriage, which can be:

  • Fault-based, including cruelty, adultery, or a felony conviction with a one-year or longer prison sentence
  • No-fault based on separation of the spouses for one year with children or six months with no children and a separation agreement is in place

Our lawyers help you decide which type of grounds for divorce are best in your situation.

Property Division

Next, you must resolve relevant matters, including the equitable division of your marital property, assets, and debts. For some spouses, this might involve personal property, vehicles, and credit cards. For others, property division can be significantly more complicated. Our team regularly handles high-net-worth divorces that might include:

  • Business interests
  • Pension and retirement benefits
  • Military benefits
  • Investment portfolios
  • Investment Properties

No matter how much property you own with your spouse, you always want to ensure that you receive your fair share in a divorce, and our Loudoun attorneys can help with this.

Child Custody

If you have children, you must decide how you and your spouse will divide custody rights. These include physical custody, which is the time your child spends living with you, and legal custody, which is the authority to make important decisions for your child’s life.

Custody decisions are based on what is in the best interests of the child. While joint custody is favored in most cases, some situations warrant one parent seeking sole custody of a child. We handle all types of custody matters, both as part of a divorce case and between unmarried parents. We also handle child custody modifications.

Financial Support

Virginia law has guidelines for determining whether one parent will need to provide child support to the other. We can ensure your child support order is fair and request deviations from the standard guidelines when appropriate.

Cases can become complicated when one spouse requests spousal support. This is financial support to help a spouse who has lower earnings than the other, and it will be set for a specific amount and duration by the court based on the specific circumstances. Spousal support is often a contentious issue, and you need to make sure you do not receive an unfair order – whether you are receiving or paying support.

Once you resolve all relevant financial and child-related matters – either out of court or through litigation – the court can grant your divorce, and you will no longer be legally married.

Divorce Cases We Handle

Each divorce is different, and our divorce attorneys have the experience to handle any of the following in the Loudoun area:

  • Divorce with prenuptial agreements
  • No-fault divorce
  • Military divorce
  • Collaborative divorce
  • Legal separation (divorce from bed and board)
  • Fault-based divorce
  • Contested divorce
  • High net worth divorce
  • Divorce litigation
  • Divorce mediation
  • Uncontested divorce

Many people wonder if they need a divorce lawyer, and the answer is usually yes. The right legal assistance will ensure your rights are protected and set you up in the best possible position for life after your divorce.

Our Loudoun, VA Divorce Lawyers Are On Your Side

The law firm of Curran Moher Weis represents clients through the complex divorce process. Not only do we handle all types of divorce cases, including those with complicated circumstances, but we are also a full-service family law firm. We handle cases involving child custody outside of divorce, prenuptial agreements, domestic violence, and more.

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist in your situation. We will represent you every step of the way throughout your family law case.

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