Permanent Spousal Support

Permanent Spousal Support (Alimony) in Virginia

When a single income couple is facing a divorce, especially after a lengthy marriage, the non-working spouse may ask for permanent spousal support. Permanent support may also be awarded in situations where both parties are employed outside the home, but have significant differences in their incomes. Virginia is a state in which a divorcing spouse can, in certain circumstances, be awarded alimony until remarriage or the death of either spouse.

Am I Entitled to Permanent Spousal Support?

Courts consider a variety of factors when deciding whether a spouse is entitled to permanent support. These circumstances will also dictate the amount and duration of support to be provided. When considering alimony the courts may take into consideration for each spouse: financial need and resources, age, physical and mental health, financial contributions to the marriage, the length of the marriage, and the standard of living the couple has obtained.

The Role of a Virginia Spousal Support Attorney

Virginia spousal maintenance laws can be complex and it can be difficult to achieve a fair result on your own. The experienced Virginia divorce attorneys at Curran Moher Weis can help you negotiate a reasonable agreement in or outside the courtroom. We have compassionate and experienced attorneys who can help you answer your questions and help you obtain the support you need to support yourself and your dependents in a sufficient manner. Contact the Virginia-based spousal support attorneys at Curran Moher Weis today at (571) 328-5020 or request a consultation.