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Collaborative Divorce

If you and your spouse want to avoid court, spend fewer of your resources, and have your divorce be less painful, ask me about a Collaborative Divorce. I am the President of the Collaborative Professionals of Northern Virginia, a group of 65 different attorneys, mental health professionals, and financial professionals who are all committed to helping families resolve their divorces amicably through the Collaborative Process.

In the Collaborative Process, each party has their own attorney who has been Collaboratively trained. Spouses and their attorneys sign a formal agreement not to go to court. Then, instead of spending their time and resources fighting with one another, spouses and their attorneys are able to direct their energies toward finding solutions so that they can separate and divorce peacefully.

Reduced Cost

A Collaborative Divorce generally costs less financially – sometimes far less – than traditional divorce litigation. The emotional cost of a divorce can be greatly reduced by using the Collaborative method as well.

Helps Children Cope with Divorce

Parenting plans are crafted to take into account the children’s well-being. Depending on their ages and the situation, children’s voices may be brought into the process. If that happens, it will be done in a way that ensures a minimal amount of conflict – exactly the opposite of what can happen in court.

Builds a Base for Your Future

Resolving your dispute collaboratively means you’re more likely to resolve future issues outside of court. Starting out in court can often set the tone of non-cooperation and court battles down the road when conflicts arise.


The substance of a Collaborative Divorce is not conducted in open court, which is a public venue. It is conducted in a private series of meetings, designed to keep your family’s business yours and yours alone.

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